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What is MSIP?
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The schedule at La Salle Secondary School is divided into five one-hour periods, plus a lunch period.  Each student has four subject periods and one Multi-Subject Instructional Period (MSIP).  The MSIP consists of fifteen minutes from each of the subject periods a student has in their schedule.  Ontario education legislation requires 110 hours of attendance for every credit attained, therefore, being in MSIP is a critical component to success.  Students who do not attend MSIP are at risk of losing their credits based on the time they have not been in class.  The MSIP is monitored by a teacher, and it allows students to make choices about improving their learning.  MSIP provides an environment in which students are able to develop and improve study skills and time management, and take responsibility for completion of work.

The subject teacher will assign activities to be completed during MSIP that are relevant to their course.  The MSIP teacher will support the student with encouragement, monitoring of progress, providing feedback, and communicating with parents.  The student is responsible for completing assigned work, accessing resources and seeking extra help as needed.

Students may engage in some of the following activities:  

  •         complete assigned work or homework
  •         collaborate with a group for a project
  •         seek extra help in a subject
  •         work in a computer lab
  •         research course material in the library
  •         access a shop or science lab
  •         read quietly for a class
  •         review for a test
  •         write a missed test
  •         get help in literacy or numeracy
  •         participate in Credit Recovery
  •         attend an appointment in Student Services
MSIP is not optional or a spare period.  Students are not allowed to play cards or other games.  Food or drink (other than water, juices or coffee) are not permitted in MSIP.  It is not for chatting or socializing with friends. La Salle students have found MSIP to be valuable for catching up and keeping on track with their workload.

MSIP Movement Procedures

If a student wishes to access other areas of the school or access other MSIP teachers during MSIP periods, the student must seek permission from both MSIP teachers involved and use the “MSIP Movement” Booklet” to communicate this information.  Students must make arrangements in advance for MSIP movement.  Students who have appointments recorded in their booklet will be allowed to leave MSIP at the designated time for the appointment.  Students must get a teacher’s signature a second time at the end of the appointment to show that the appointment was completed.


The First Week of the Semester
During the first week of each semester there is no student initiated movement in MSIP.
the emphasis during the first week is on textbook distribution, timetable adjustments and review of student expectations in the planner

La Salle Literacy & Numeracy Focus
To promote literacy and numeracy, 20 minutes at the beginning of MSIP will be devoted to silent reading and  / or silent activity.  Students should bring books or other materials to class to use at this time.  MSIP movement is restricted during the first 20 minutes of each MSIP period; the exceptions are make-up tests, student services appointments, literacy tutoring and extra help by teacher appointment

MSIP = Credit Success
MSIP is not for games or chatting with friends playing cards is not permitted
when students do not have work, the MSIP teacher may contact their teachers and request work
if students are not using the MSIP time productively, MSIP movement privileges may be restricted

No Food in MSIP
Food is not permitted in MSIP classrooms

Students With Fewer Than 4 Courses
  • students with three courses will attend 4 MSIP classes weekly, with their MSIP spare on the following schedule:
  • students with unassigned Period 1 - exempt from MSIP on Mondays
  • students with unassigned Period 2 - exempt from MSIP on Tuesdays
  • students with unassigned Period  3 - exempt from MSIP on Wednesdays
  • students with unassigned Period 4 - exempt from MSIP on Thursdays
  • students with unassigned Period  5 - exempt from MSIP on Fridays
  • part-time students must have their MSIP schedule approved by the administration if student is being unsuccessful

Missing an MSIP class without permission results in the MSIP teacher informing administration and the student will be required to make up the time in Academic Detention. Continual absence puts your credits in jeopardy

Electronic Devices

Electronic devices (including but not limited to cell phones and hand held games) must not be visible or turned on during class time.  At the discretion of the teacher, students may listen to music during MSIP.  Only 1 student per device the volume must be low enough that others cannot hear it

LSS will not be held responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged electronic devices

Last Modified: Nov 23, 2012