Board thanks police & school for prompt response

Board thanks police & school for prompt response
Posted on 11/23/2018
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The Limestone District School Board would like to thank Kingston Police and La Salle Intermediate & Secondary School staff for their prompt response to a potential threat reported to the school on November 22, 2018.

As a result of information reported to school staff, the school was placed in a Hold & Secure at approximately 8:45 a.m. Kingston Police responded immediately to the area around the school to investigate.

Students and staff were safe inside the school and classes continued as normal. During a Hold & Secure, all exterior doors are locked due to a potential emergency situation in close proximity to the school (outside the school, on school grounds and/or unrelated to the school) such as a police pursuit/investigation or incident in the neighbourhood.

Police conducted an extensive search of the area and individuals believed to be involved in the reported threat. After police determined there was no immediate threat to students or staff, the Hold & Secure was lifted at 9:35 a.m.

Although an individual was arrested in connection with the incident, Kingston Police have determined there was no threat whatsoever, and no charges have been laid. Firearms were never involved, nor was there an “active shooter” as part of the reported threat. These reports were unsubstantiated rumours.

Kingston Police: Investigation reveals youth did not make threats toward La Salle School: 

The Board takes all potential threats seriously and will respond accordingly. In this instance, because information regarding the threat was vague, the school and police took extraordinary steps to ensure student, staff and community safety. We are pleased to report that there was no threat and that our school and community continues to be a safe and welcoming space.

To help ensure the safety and security of our school communities, the Board has comprehensive procedures in preparation for and response to emergency situations such as this. These procedures, developed with the input and support of community partners like Kingston Police, fire and ambulance services, include emergency protocols to keep students, staff and others safe.

It’s important for families to know that the school’s first duty during such incidents is the safety and security of everyone inside and outside the building. Communication during an incident is conducted by the Board to allow school staff to focus on maintaining safety in its building. The Board will work as quickly as possible to share information in real time. It is important to note, however, that not all information can be released as it might jeopardize the safety of those involved or impede an ongoing investigation.